Saints and Stones: Tingwall Stone (Murder Stone)

The Tingwall Stone stands 6-1/2 feet in height and has a rectangular cross-section.

It is also locally known as the Murder Stone. Of this, author Noel Fojut writes: "There is a tale, probably recently invented, which relates a Norse tradition of a pardon for murderers who could run from the Law Ting Holm to the Murder Stone unscathed, against the efforts of the victim's family and friends".

About the Tingwall Stone

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Journey to the Tingwall Stone

The Tingwall Stone is located off the eastern side of the B9074 minor road north of the town of Scalloway in the Tingwall area of the Central Mainland.

Ordnance Survey Map (HU412421)

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Descriptive Sign for the Tingwall Area
Tingwall Stone
Tingwall Stone
Tingwall Stone

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