Saints and Stones: Knowe of Stenso Broch

According to an observer at the Megalithic Portal, the Knowe of Stenso "is a 4m (approximately 13 foot) high broch with extensive structural remains showing as orthostats between the main broch and the outer bank to the south. Area covered is fifty by ten yards according to a 1916 report. At least as late as 1928 traces of a foot wide gallery were seen at the top of the mound...On the north side, several courses of the broch wall, probably 12 feet thick, can be seen...".

About the Knowe of Stenso

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Journey to the Knowe of Stenso

The Knowe of Stenso is located in a field off a minor road off the A966 in the Evie area of the Orkney Mainland.

Ordnance Survey Map (HY3639426747)

Visitors Information

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Additional Photos of the Knowe of Stenso

Knowe of Stenso from a Distance
Knowe of Stenso in a Field

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