Saints and Stones: Stanydale Temple and Settlement

Stanydale is a heel-shaped Neolithic structure that is 40x30 feet containing a large oval chamber that contains six alcoves separated by stone piers. In the area surrounding the structure are Neolithic and Bronze Age ruins of houses, walls, and cairns.

According to Shetlopedia, "The main building shows two post-holes in its centre which might have supported some kind of timber roof - a very unusual construction within a nearly woodless environment like the Shetland islands of those days. The size of the building, the entrance situition similar tp the facades of the so called heel-shaped cairns and the sophisticated construction of the roofing led the excavator to suggest that this building was used as a "temple" but it might have served as some kind of a chieftains house or an assembly hall as well."

The massive walls of the structure are over 13 feet thick.

About the Stanydale Temple and Settlement

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Journey to the Stanydale Temple and Settlement

The Stanydale Temple Settlement is located off the A971 on the minor road to Gruting in the West Mainland. As the path from the road to Stanydale can be very wet, follow the marker poles.

Ordnance Survey Map (HU285502)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Stanydale Temple and Settlement may be found at the Historic Scotland website. General information on Shetland may be found at the Visit Shetland website.

Additional Photos of the Stanydale Temple and Settlement

Stanydale Temple and Settlement Road Sign
Stanydale Settlement Descriptive Sign
Main Stanydale Settlement Dwelling
Stanydale Settlement Structure
Stanydale Settlement Structure
Stanydale Temple Descriptive Sign
Approaching Stanydale Temple from the Settlement Area
Historic Scotland Plaque at Stanydale Temple
Entrance to Stanydale Temple
Looking into the Stanydale Temple
One of the Six Alcoves Inside the Stanydale Temple
One of Two Post Holes to Support Roof of Stanydale Temple
Thick Wall of Stanydale Temple
Rear of Stanydale Temple

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