Saints and Stones: Stan Stane

The Stan Stane, a local term meaning "standing stone," measures 13 feet high and three feet wide. Its main distinction, however, is its hole in its middle, about six and a half feet from the ground. According to the Orkneyjar website, "It has been suggested that this solitary monolith was once an outlier for a stone circle that may have stood around the Torness area of the island."

About the Stan Stane

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Journey to the Stan Stane

The Stan Stane is a standing stone in a field on North Ronaldsay, the most northern isle of the Orkney isles.

Ordnance Survey Map (HY7523852934)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the Stan Stane and North Ronaldsay may be found on the North Ronaldsay page of the Visit Orkney website. General tourist information for Orkney may also be found on the Visit Orkney website.

Additional Photos of the Stan Stane

Gate Entrance to Stan Stane Field
Sign at Entrance to Stan Stane Field
Approaching Stan Stane
Approaching Stan Stane
Approaching Stan Stane
Side of Stan Stane
Stan Stane Showing Hole in Middle
Close-Up of Hole in Stan Stane
Base of Stan Stane
Close-Up of Top of Stan Stane
Departing Shot of Stan Stane

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