Saints and Stones: Quoybune Standing Stone

The Quoybune Standing Stone dates from the second millenium B.C. and stands nearly 13 feet tall.

According to the Orkneyjar website, "The Stane o' Quoybune, in Birsay, is a fine example of the many solitary standing stones that dot the Orcadian landscape...(and) is one of a number of Orcadian standing stones attached to the folkloric motif of the 'petrified giant.' Like the Yetnasteen in Rousay, each New Year's Day, the Stane o' Quoybune is said to walk to the nearby Boardhouse Loch, where it dips its head to drink from the cold water."

About the Quoybune Standing Stone

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Journey to the Quoybune Standing Stone

The Quoybune Standing Stone is located near the A987 across from Loch Boardhouse near the Stanger Farms that took their names from its presence ("Stanger"derives from the Old Norse meaning "Stone Farm") in the Birsay area of the West Mainland.

Ordnance Survey Map (HY254263)

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Additional Photos of the Quoybune Standing Stone

Quoybune Standing Stone
Quoybune Standing Stone
Quoybune Standing Stone

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