Saints and Stones: Proleek Dolmen

The Proleek Dolmen consists of a chamber facing northwest. The giant roof stone, which is estimated to weigh about 30-40 tons (estimates vary) and is supported on two portal stones almost seven feet high and a backstone almost six feet high. One of the support stones is buttressed by a modern stone and concrete support.

There are always many rocks on top of the capstone. According to legend, a wish will be granted to anyone who throws a rock on top of the capstone so that it stays there.

Nearby is the Proleek Wedge Tomb.

About the Proleek Dolmen

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Journey to the Proleek Dolmen

The Proleek Dolmen is located on the grounds of the Ballymascanlon Hotel about four miles north of Dundalk off the R173 in County Louth, Ireland. At the left hand side of the hotel car park is a gateway signposted Proleek Dolmen. Follows the signs and take the pathway across the golf course. The dolen and the wedge tomb are on the grounds of the golf course.

Map Reference: J082110

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the Proleek Dolmen may be found at the website. General tourist information may be found at the Discover Ireland: County Louth website.

Additional Photos of the Proleek Dolmen

Direction Sign for Proleek Dolmen
Proleek Dolmen
Proleek Dolmen
Proleek Dolmen
Proleek Dolmen
Interior of Proleek Dolmen
"Good Luck Rocks" On Top of Proleek Dolmen

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