Saints and Stones: Poulawack Cairn

Poulawack Cairn has been dated variously by several observers to be between 3000 and 1900 B.C.. Excavation in 1935 revealed the remains of 16 people buried in 10 separate graves. Since so few people were buried here over such a long period indicates that this cairn was a burial place for high-ranking individuals.

One observation claims that very few bodies were cremated at this site, indicating Bronze Age origin, a period when unburnt burials were quite common.

About Poulawack Cairn

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Journey to Poulawack Cairn

Poulawack Cairn is located in the Burren on a side road west of the R480 south of Caherconnell Stone Fort on the Leamaneh-Ballyvaughan road in County Clare, Ireland.

Map Reference: R233985

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Poulawack Cairn may be found at the website. General tourist information may be found at the Visit the Burren website.

Additional Photos of Poulawack Cairn

Road Sign for Poulawack Cairn
Poulawack Cairn

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