Saints and Stones: Nybster Broch

Nybster Broch is one of the most spectacular Iron Age settlements in the north of Scotland. It is also one of the most accessible brochs in Caithness. The broch has an internal diameter of 23 feet. The wall's thickness is some 14 feet.

Nybster is more than just a broch, however. It was also a settlement with a complex of interlinked buildings connected by passages.

The broch occupies a well-defended position on a promontory, with steep cliffs on the seaward side. It was occupied throughout the late Iron Age and well into the historical period. Some of the buildings on the seaward side may be Pictish, or at least reused in Pictish ties, and a block-house to the west of the broch may actually predate it, perhaps being as old as 700 B.C. to 500 B.C., according to the Britain Express website.

About Nybster Broch

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Journey to Nybster Broch

Signposted off the A99 at Nybster, just south of the Caithness Broch Centre. There is a small parking area and a short walk along a signposted trail to the broch.

Ordnance Survey Map (ND370630)

Visitors Information

Visitors information and general tourism information for Caithness may be found on the Venture North website.

Additional Photos of Nybster Broch

Information Sign for Nybster Broch
Approaching Nybster Broch
Entrance to Nybster Broch
Inside Nybster Broch
Passageway Around Nybster Broch

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