Saints and Stones: Mulfra Quoit

The Mulfra Quoit, which stands near the summit of Mulfra Hill, is partially collapsed and the capstone has slipped on the southeast side. Only three uprights and the capstone survive. The height of the supporting stones is about 5-1/2 feet, while the capstone is around 11-1/2 feet by about 10 feet. It weighs approximately five tons.

According to one observer, "Some of the stones that formed the burial chamber are missing, so it is difficult to get an idea of its original form. The two possibilities seem to be either a four slab stone box with capstone as at Chun Quoit, or a portal tomb arrangement having a second set of side slabs to the southwest sealed with an entrance slab."

About Mulfra Quoit

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Journey to Mulfra Quoit

Mulfra Quoit is located on Mulfra Hill north of the hamlet of Newmill, which is north of Penzance. There is a small parking space just before a Public Footpath sign across the road from a house on the right. The slightly overgrown path leads to the top of the hill through the gorse where the quoit comes into view.

Ordnance Survey Map (SW452353)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Mulfra Quoit may be found at the geograph website. For general Cornwall tourist information, see the Visit Cornwall website.

Additional Photos of Mulfra Quoit

Public Footpath Sign for Path to Mulfra Quoit
Approaching Mulfra Quoit
Mulfra Quoit
Mulfra Quoit
Mulfra Quoit
Interior of Mulfra Quoit
The Large Capstone of Mulfra Quoit

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