Saints and Stones: Mine Howe

Originally excavated in 1946 and re-excavated in 1999, Mine Howe is a prehistoric subterranean man-made chamber dug 20 feet deep inside a large earthen mound. Its walls are lined with stones fitted to form an arch over the cavity and 29 steps lead to a rock floor. The entrance is at the top of the small hill and there are indications of other Iron Age and earlier activity around the site.

While the exact purpose of the structure remains a mystery, one theory has it that it had a ritual or religious purpose. Further excavations are planned, and hopefully will reveal more about this enigma.

About Mine Howe

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Journey to Minehowe

Mine Howe is located off the A960 southeast of Kirkwall in the Tankerness area of the East Mainland, Orkney, Scotland.

Ordnance Survey Map (HY512058)

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found on the Mine Howe website. General tourist information for Orkney may be found on the Visit Orkney website.

Additional Photos of Mine Howe

Welcome Sign at Mine Howe
Earthen Mound Containing Mine Howe
Entrance Structure
Entrance to Mine Howe
Second Set of Steps in Interior
Interior of Mine Howe

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