Saints and Stones: Maiden Stone

The Maiden Stone is a roughly 10 foot tall Pictish symbol stone carved in red granite from the 9th century A.D. with relief carvings of a cross on one side and symbols on the other.

The cross is surmounted by a man between two fish monsters, while there is a large disc below the cross.

On the reverse the slab bears a variety of Pictish symbols: a centaur-like figure, a notched-rectangle and Z-rod (chariot), a beast, and a mirror and double-sided comb.

According to legend, the name 'Maiden Stone' refers to a daughter of a laird (lord) who was turned to stone on her wedding day after losing a bet with the devil.

About the Maiden Stone

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Journey to the Maiden Stone

The Maiden Stone is located south off the A96 on the B9002 minor road some five miles northwest of Inverurie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Streetmap UK NGR NJ704247.

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the Historic Scotland website. General tourist information may be found on the special Aberdeen Council website.

Additional Photos of the Maiden Stone

Descriptive Sign at the Maiden Stone
The Path to the Maiden Stone
East Face of the Maiden Stone
A Beast on the East Face
Mirror and Comb on the East Face
Spiral and Knot Work on the West Face
Interlacing on the South Edge
The Maiden Stone

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