Saints and Stones: Lower Lough Erne Crannogs

Crannogs are found throughout the waters of Lower Lough Erne.

A crannog is an artificial island, usually originally built in lakes, rivers, and estuarine waters, and most often used as an island settlement or dwelling place in prehistoric or medieval times. Crannogs are most common in Ireland, where at least 2,000 examples are known. It is likely that many more undiscovered sites lie hidden underwater or in reeds, woodland, or other wetland environments around lake shores and edges. Today, crannogs typically appear as small, circular islands, 30 to 100 feet in diameter, and covered in trees and bushes because they are isolated from browsing livestock.

About the Lower Lough Erne Crannogs

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Journey to the Lower Lough Erne Crannogs

Crannogs are found throughout Lower Lough Erne. Those pictured here (see below for links) are near Devenish Island in the southern part of Lower Lough Erne near Enniskillen in County Fermanagh, No. Ireland.

Map Reference: H224469

Visitors Information

Visitors and general tourist information may be found at the Fermanagh Lakelands website.

Additional Photos of the Lower Lough Erne Crannogs

Lower Lough Erne Crannog Viewed from Devenish Island
Lower Lough Erne Crannog Near Devenish Island
Lower Lough Erne Crannog Near Devenish Island

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