Saints and Stones: Grummore Broch

On the shore of Loch Naver on the Strathnaver Trail, Grummore Broch appears as a moss and lichen encrusted pile of stones with no structure remaining and some mature trees rising from its interior.

The interior of the broch retains many typical elements despite being full of tumbled debris, and in places the walls rise to almost 8 feet (2.5 meters) tall. The entrance lies on the west of the broch indicated from outside by a slight dip on the structure. On the inside there is a well formed entranceway with lintels still in place. Unfortunately, the unfriendly Altnahara Caravan Club caretaker cut short our visit, and we were unable to view the interior. To see more of this broch, please visit the sites below.

About the Grummore Broch

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Journey to the Grummore Broch

Three miles along the B873 from Altnahara on the north bank of Loch Naver, Grummore Broch appears at the water's edge. There is a small parking place beside the Altnahara Caravan Club Site.

Streetmap UK NGR NC61073669.

Visitors Information

Visitors information and tourist for the Grummore Broch may be found on the Strathnaver Trail Brochure website.

Additional Photos of the Grummore Broch

Sign for Grummore Broch near Site
Grummore Broch from the Road
Trees Growing in the Interior of Grummore Broch
Back of the Grummore Broch

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