Saints and Stones: Grange Stone Circle (Lios na Grainsi)

Also known as Lios na Grainsi (Irish for “Stones of the Sun"), Grange is Ireland's largest stone circle, consisting of 113 stones. Built ca. 2100 B.C., it is over 150 feet in diameter. A posthole found in the very center of the enclosure indicates that the circle was measured out from a central stake and is the reason for its nearly perfect shape. It is surrounded by an earthen bank, which in places is three to four feet high and makes it look more like a form of henge monument than a conventional stone circle. Aligned with the rising sun, on the day of the Summer Solstice the sun shines directly in the center of the circle.

During excavation, discovered were two hearths, human bones, animal bones, bronze materials, and numerous Neolithic pottery sherds.

A smaller stone circle with several stones missing is located in a field north of Grange. It has been labeled Grange North by some observers.

About Grange Stone Circle (Lios na Grainsi)

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Journey to Grange Stone Circle (Lios na Grainsi)

Grange Stone Circle is located less than one mile north of the village of Bruff on the R512 in County Limerick, Ireland. On the R512, it is approximately 40 minutes south from the city of Limerick.

Map Reference: R6340

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Grange Stone Circle may be found at the website. General tourist information may be found at the Visit website.

Additional Photos of Grange Stone Circle (Lios na Grainsi)

Road Sign for Grange Stone Circle
Descriptive Sign for Grange Stone Circle
Entrance (with Cut Bank) to Grange Stone Circle
Grange Stone Circle
Grange Stone Circle
Grange Stone Circle
Crom Dubh, Largest Stone in Grange Stone Circle
Large Orthostats, Grange Stone Circle
Trees Growing from Bank Surrounding Grange Stone Circle
Standing in the Center of Grange Stone Circle
Exit from Grange Stone Circle
Grange North Stone Circle

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