Saints and Stones: Glebe Cairn

Glebe Cairn dates from the Early Bronze Age (ca.1700 B.C.) and is the northern-most cairn in a group of five Bronze Age cairns known as the Linear Cemetary found along the valley floor in Kilmartin Glen.

When excavated in the 19th Century, two stone cists were discovered along with a fine quality jet necklace.

About Glebe Cairn

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Journey to Glebe Cairn

The Glebe Cairn is located off the A816 near the Kilmartin House Museum in the village of Kilmartin, Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

Streetmap UK NGR NR833989.

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the Kilmartin House Museum website. General tourist information for the mid-Argyll area may be found on the Argyll & The Isles website.

Additional Photo of Glebe Cairn

Glebe Cairn Viewed from Kilmartin House Museum Area (2007)
Glebe Cairn Viewed from Kilmartin House Museum Area (2013)
Approaching Glebe Cairn (2013)
Descriptive Sign at Glebe Cairn Site (2013)
Glebe Cairn Close-Up (2013)

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