Saints and Stones: Frotoft

The Frotoft Standing Stone is approximately eight feet high. At its base, it is 2-1/2 inches wide and one foot thick.

It has been reported that the stone was broken across the middle, and that the parts have been cemented together.

About Frotoft

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Journey to Frotoft

The Frotoft Standing Stone (also know by other names: Langstane, Langsteen, and Long Stone) is located at Frotoft just off the B9064 road on the west coast of the Island of Rousay, which is accessible by ferry from Tingwall on the West Mainland of Orkney.

Ordnance Survey Map (HY404275)

Visitors Information

Visitors information and general tourist information for Rousay may be found on the Visit Rousay: The Egypt of the North website.

Additional Photos of Frotoft

Frotoft Standing Stone
Frotoft Standing Stone
Frotoft Standing Stone Revisit

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