Saints and Stones: Fourknocks (Fuair Cnocs)

Fourknocks Passage Tomb, built about 5,000 years ago, is part of a complex of tombs. Only the main tomb has been excavated and is open to the public.

Fourknocks has a short passage leading into a wide pear-shaped chamber with three smaller offset chambers. Fragments of 65 burials were found in the tomb, both cremated and unburnt remains of adults and children. Also found were decorated pottery and vessels and personal ornaments including pendants and beads.

Just inside the main chamber to the left of the entrance is one of the few representations of a human face from the Neolithic Period in Ireland. The Face Stone is about three feet high.

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Journey to Fourknocks (Fuair Cnocs)

Fourknocks is located 10 miles southeast of Newgrange between Ardcath in County Meath and Naul in County Dublin, Ireland. From Naul, it is almost 2 miles west-northwest of Naul, along a short track leading from a by-road. The key for the entrance door to Fourknocks Passage Tomb may be obtained from a local resident not far from the tomb.. Directions are signposted from Fourknocks. A cash deposit must be given which is refundable on the safe return of the key before a set time.

Map Reference: O110621

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Fourknocks Passage Tomb may be found at the website. General tourist information for the area may be found on the Welcome to Meath Tourism website.

Additional Photos of Fourknocks (Fuair Cnocs)

Road Sign for Fourknocks
Descriptive Sign at Fourknocks
Approaching the Rear of Fourknocks
Entrance to Fourknocks
Interior of Fourknocks
Interior of Fourknocks
Middle Chamber of Three Chambers in Fourknocks
Decorative Lintel Above Middle Chamber, Fourknocks
Close-Up of Decorative Lintel Above Middle Chamber, Fourknocks
Side Chamber, Fourknocks
View to the Exit, Fourknocks

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