Saints and Stones: Dwarfie Stane Rock-Cut Tomb

The Dwarfie Stane is a megalithic chambered tomb carved out of a huge block of Devonian Old Red Sandstone located in a glacial valley on the Orkney isle of Hoy. The Dwarfie Stane is the only chambered tomb in Orkney that is cut from stone rather than built from stones. However, despite its unique construction, its plan is consistent with the so-called Orkney-Cromarty class of chambered tomb found throughout Orkney.

The stone is 28 feet long by 13 feet wide and 8 feet high. The entrance is a 3-1/3rd foot square cut out of the west side of the rock. Inside the tomb is a passage that is over 7 feet long with two side cells. One of the cells has a "pillow" of uncut rock at its inner end. A stone slab originally blocked the entrance to the tomb on its west side, but now lies on the ground in front of it.

The name is derived from local legends which says the dwarf Trollid lived there, although, ironically, it has also been considered the work of giants.

About the Dwarfie Stane Rock-Cut Tomb

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Journey to the Dwarfie Stane Rock-Cut Tomb

Hoy is one of the South Isles of Orkney and may be visited by ferry from Houton or Stromness on the Orkney Mainland.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information and general tourism information for Hoy may be found on the Island of Hoy website. General tourist information for Orkney as a whole may be found on the Visit Orkney website.

Additional Photos of the Dwarfie Stane Rock-Cut Tomb

Road Sign for the Dwarfie Stane
Foot Path to the Dwarfie Stane
Approaching the Dwarfie Stane
Descriptive Sign at Dwarfie Stane
Dwarfie Stane
Dwarfie Stane
Entrance to the Dwarfie Stane
Left Side of Interior of the Dwarfie Stane
Right Side of Interior of the Dwarfie Stane
Close-Up of Top of the Dwarfie Stane
Leaving the Dwarfie Stane

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