Saints and Stones: Loanhead of Daviot

Constructed sometime around 2500 B.C., Loanhead of Daviot is a recumbent stone circle comprised of a large recumbent stone, two stones flanking the recumbent stone, and eight other stones in a circle that is 67 feet in diameter.

In the middle of the low Bronze Age cairn within the circle is a rectangular mortuary pit, which some report may be the oldest part of the site.

Nearby is a circular cremation cemetery, which was in use about 1500 B.C. Found were a number of cremated remains of adults and infants.

About Loanhead of Daviot

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Journey to Loanhead of Daviot

Loanhead of Daviot Recumbent Stone Circle and and Cremation Cemetary is located off the A96 north of the village of Daviot, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Ordnance Survey Map (NJ747288)

Visitors Information

Visitors information on Loanhead of Daviot may be found on the Historic Scotland and the Aberdeenshire Council: Loanhead of Daviot websites. General tourist information may be found on the Aberdeenshire Council website.

Additional Photos of Loanhead of Daviot

Roadsign for Loanhead of Daviot
Descriptive Sign at Loanhead of Daviot
Loanhead of Daviot
Close-Up of Recumbent and Flanking Stones
Recumbent and Flanking Stones
Split in Recumbent Stone
Cairn Within Circle
Cairn Within Circle
Cremation Cemetary
Stone Circle (right) and Cremation Cemetary (left)

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