Saints and Stones: Dun Barabhat

Dun Barabhat is an Iron Age fort located in Loch Barabhat and accessible by a causeway from the shore.

According to the am baile website, "Excavation in the 1980s and 1990s revealed that the dun was built along the lines of a broch with intra-mural galleries, stairs and cells. It appears to have collapsed soon after completion but was subsequently reoccupied during the 1st and 2nd centuries BC. Material from directly under the floor of the roundhouse dates to around the 650 BC and demonstrates the presence of settlement in the earlier part of the millennium. Its premature collapse was in part due to it being built on the unstable debris of this previous occupation."

About Dun Barabhat

Megalithic Portal: Dun Barabhat
am baile: Dun Barabhat

Journey to Dun Barabhat

Dun Barabhat, near the far west coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Western Iles in Scotland, may be found in the hills above Traigh na Beirigh, a beach near the village of Bhaltos (Valtos), which is a peninsula off the B8011. To reach Loch Barabhat, park near the gate separating the common grazings of Cnip and Riof - the only gate across the road. Enter the grazings on the Cnip side keeping to the left; skirt the marsh and walk along the far side until you come to a valley with a large mill-wheel at its bottom end. Scramble up the valley passing three norse water-mills, and Loch Barabhat is at the top.

Ordnance Survey Map (NB098353)

Visitors Information

General tourist information may be found on the Outer Hebrides website.

Additional Photos of Dun Barabhat

Traigh na Beirghe ("Beach of the Fort") Near Dun Barabhat
Hill below Dun Barabhat
19th Century Mill on Hill below Dun Barabhat
Grinding Stone at 19th Century Mill on Hill below Dun Barabhat
Loch Barabhat
Dun Barabhat from the Shore of Loch Barabhat
Causeway Leading to Dun Barabhat
Ruins of Dun Barabhat
Ruins of Dun Barabhat
Dun Barabhat

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