Saints and Stones: Ballycastle Dun

Also known locally as the North Fort, Ballycastle Dun stands on a rocky knoll that forms the highest part of a small ridge. The flanks and South end of the ridge are moderately steep, but from the North there is easy access over gently sloping ground.

Oval on plan, the dun measures 105 by 60 (32 by 18.2 meters) feet within a wall which varies in thickness on each side of the entrance. Considerable stretches of both the inner and outer faces are visible, but the lowest courses are everywhere hidden by a mass of fallen debris which covers most of the interior and extends down the flanks of the knoll in a scree-like spread.

On the Southeast where it is best preserved, the inner face is exposed for a height of 6-1/2 (2 meters) feet, and the amount of debris suggests that it probably reached a height of at least close to 10 (3 meters) feet. The best visible portion of the outer face is on the South, where the fallen stones have been cleared back over a distance of about 26 (8 meters) feet.

About Ballycastle Dun

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Journey to Ballycastle Dun

Ballycastle Dun is the northernmost dun on the Isle of Luing. To get to the Dun requires a short ferry ride from the isle of Seil to the isle of Luing. After arriving on Luing, take the main road south to the first road on the left just past the Luing ferry station. Drive until you see a place to park on your right. From there it is a short walk until you see the dun on the hill ahead of you. Proceed down the road until you find a cattle gate on your left. Go through the gate and follow the path to the dun at the top of the hill.

Streetmap UK NGR NM7523112058.

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Ballycastle Dun and general tourist information for Luing may be found at the Isle of Luing website.

Additional Photos of Ballycastle Dun

Island of Luing Road Sign
The Cuan Ferry from Seil to Luing
Ballycastle Dun Up Ahead
Path to the Ballycastle Dun
Approaching Ballycastle Dun
Ballycastle Dun
The Interior of Ballycastle Dun
THe View from Ballycastle Dun

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