Saints and Stones: Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn

The Auchagallon site has been called a kerbed cairn, a cairn, or a stone circle by various visitors. Today, this early Bronze Age structure consists of fourteen stones, all but two apparently in position, and measures almost 50 feet in overall diameter. The spacing of the stones is irregular and there are plainly gaps where some are missing. Nevertheless, they appear to be graded in height, rising from the shortest in the east to the tallest on the west, where there is an imposing set of three stones that are reminiscent of a recumbent setting, with two tall orthostats.

According to Historic Scotland, "It is just possible that at Auchagallon, an earlier stone circle was used to form the kerb of the new burial cairn. This is the case at the nearby site of Moss Farm Road, on the track to the Machrie Moor stone circles."

About the Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn

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Journey to the Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn

The Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn is located on a farm track off a minor road off of the A841 four miles north of Blackwaterfoot near the west coast of the Isle of Arran in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

Ordnance Survey Map (NR893346)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn may be found at the Historic Scotland website. General tourist information may also be found at the Visit Arran website.

Additional Photos of the Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn

Sign for Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn at Start of Farm Track
Descriptive Sign at the Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn Site
Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn
Largest Stones at the Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn Site
Largest Stones at the Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn Site
Auchagallon Kerbed Cairn Stones Overlooking Kilbrannan Sound

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