Saints and Stones: Timoleague (Tigh Mologa)

Timoleague Friary was founded by the Franciscan Order in 1240. The friary was built on the site of a monastic settlement founded by Saint Molaga in the 6th century. The village's name comes from the Irish for House of Molaga, "Tigh Mologa."

The friary was extended by Donal Glas McCarthy in 1312, and by Irish and Norman patrons in the 16th Century. The monks were dispersed by the Reformation, but returned in 1604. In 1612, the friary was sacked by English soldiers.The friars remained, however, until 1629.

About Timoleague

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Journey to Timoleague

Timoleague Abbey is located at the edge of the village of Timoleague (at the intersection of the R600 and R601) in the western part of County Cork, Ireland.

Map Reference: W4743

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the website. General tourist information may be found at the West Cork Tourism website.

Additional Photos of Timoleague

Timoleague Friary
Timoleague Friary
Window in Timoleague Friary
Celtic Cross in Timoleague Friary
Celtic Cross in Timoleague Friary
Timoleague Friary Tower
Timoleague Friary

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