Saints and Stones: St Olaf's Church (Unst)

The ruins of St Olaf's Church at Lunda Wick represent the sole example of a simple rectangular medieval churche in Unst.

Surviving in recognizable form, the oldest parts remain in the east of the building, which was rebuilt on the original foundations while the rest of the building dates back to the 12th Century. It shows the typical small windows and a semi-circular arched doorway in the west gable. The building has an early Christian symbol of a fish carved on a lintel, and there is also a leper's window.

About St Olaf's Church

Canmore: Unst, Lund, St Olaf's Chapel And Churchyard

Journey to St Olaf's Church

St Olaf's Church is located on a minor road toward Wick off A968 in the southwest of the isle of Unst. According to a Shetland website, "The church is presently fenced off and has "dangerous building" and "do not enter" notices posted. On August 29th 2007, it was revealed work costing an estimated 500,000 may be necessary in an attempt to stabilise the structure, and hopefully prevent likely early collapse."

Ordnance Survey Map (HP566041)

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the website. General information on Shetland may be found at the Visit Shetland website.

Additional Photos of St Olaf's Church

Road Sign to St. Olaf's Church
St Olaf's Church and Cemetery from a Distance
St Olaf's Church
St Olaf's Church
Front of St Olaf's Church
Entrance to St Olaf's Church
Interior of St Olaf's Church
Ancient Tombstone in St Olaf's Church Cemetery

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