Saints and Stones: St. Magnus Church (Egilsay)

St, Magnus Church on Egilsay is unique in Orkney and in Scotland as a whole in that it has a highly unusual Irish style round tower. Aside from the round tower, the church has a rectangular nave and a square chancel. Today, the building is roofless and the tower has been slightly truncated, but it is otherwise complete.

Egilsay was the place where Earl Magnus Erlendsson (later St. Magnus) was killed in 1117 by an axe blow to the head from his cousin and rival. For hundreds of years the story of St. Magnus, part of the Orkneyinga saga, was considered just a legend until a skull with a large crack in it, such as it had been stricken by an axe, was found in the walls of St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall.

While the 12th Century church on Egilsay is dedicated to St, Magnus, the foundation may be far older

About St. Magnus Church

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Journey to St. Magnus Church

St. Magnus Church is located on the Orkney isle of Egilsay and may be visited by ferry from Tingwall on the Orkney Mainland.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found on the Historic Scotland St. Magnus Church, Egilsay website. General tourism information for Egilsay may be found at the Egilsay Community Association website, while general information for Orkney may be found on the Visit Orkney website.

Additional Photos of St. Magnus Church from 2010

St. Magnus Church (Egilsay) Viewed from the Air

Additional Photos of St. Magnus Church from 2017

On the Ferry and Viewing St. Magnus Church in the Distance
Island Sign on Pier
Information Sign for Isles of Rousay, Egilsay, and Wyre Near Pier
First Sight of St. Magnus Church from Near Pier
Road to St. Magnus Church
Sheep Near Road to St. Magnus Church
Directional Sign to St. Magnus Church
Approaching St. Magnus Church
The Martyrdom of St. Magnus Information Sign Outside St. Magnus Church
Welcome Sign Inside St. Magnus Church
Inside St. Magnus Church
Inside St. Magnus Church
Rear of St. Magnus Church
Rear and Side of St. Magnus Church
Rear and Side of St. Magnus Church
Close-Up of Round Tower, St. Magnus Church
Historic Scotland Sign on Auto Road Near St. Magnus Church
Memorial Erected to Mark the Spot Where St. Magnus Was Martyred on EgilsayPlaque on Memorial Marking the Spot Where St, Magnus Was Martyred on Egilsay

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