Saints and Stones: St. Magnus Church (Birsay)

St. Magnus Church does indeed stand at least partly on the site of the Christchurch built here by Earl Thorfinn in 1064, meaning that the site has been in continuous use as a church for almost a thousand years.

The site is the location where, after Earl Magnus was killed on Egilsay on the orders of his cousin and joint Earl of Orkney, Earl Hakon, his body was brought for burial. Magnus was canonized in 1135. In 1137, his remains were transferred to the St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, newly built to celebrate Magnus' sainthood by his nephew Earl Rognvald.

About St. Magnus Church

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Journey to St. Magnus Church

St. Magnus Church is located in Birsay in the northwest part of the West Mainland of Orkney. If the church is locked, a key may be obtained at the nearby store in Birsay.

Ordnance Survey Map (HY248277)

Visitors Information

Visitors information on the Birsay area may be found on the Birsay Heritage Trust website. General tourism information for Orkney may be found on the Visit Orkney website.

Photos of St. Magnus Church

Sign at St. Magnus Church (Birsay)
St. Magnus Church (Birsay)
Interior of St. Magnus Church (Birsay)
Stained Glass Window in Interior of St. Magnus Church (Birsay)
Piece of Original Church, St. Magnus Church (Birsay)

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