Saints and Stones: St. Machar's Cathedral

According to legend, St. Machar founded a site of worship in Old Aberdeen in about 580 A.D.. Machar's church was superseded by a Norman cathedral in 1131, shortly after David I transferred the bishopric to Aberdeen. The first cathedral lasted until around 1290 when work began to replace the Norman cathedral with one in the Early English style.

In 1305, St. Machar's is said to have been the final resting place for a quarter of William Wallace, after it was brought here to Aberdeen after his grisly execution in London, and interred within the wall of the new cathedral. The cathedral then underwent many changes for the next 250 years of almost continuous building. By about 1530, St. Machar's was finally complete, and at the height of its power and glory. This was to last just 30 years until the Scottish Reformation of 1560.

Amongst the objects on display in the cathedral is a stone carved with a Celtic cross believed to have been associated with the original church of St. Machar.

About St. Machar's Cathedral

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Journey to St. Machar's Cathedral

St. Machar's Cathedral is located to the north of the city center off the A978 in the former burgh of Old Aberdeen, Scotland.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information for St. Machar's Cathedral may be found at the The Cathedral Church of St. Machar website. General tourist information may be found at the Aberdeen City and Shire website.

Additional Photos of St. Machar's Cathedral

Approaching St. Machar's Cathedral
Reader Board, St. Machar's Cathedral
Side Entrance, St. Machar's Cathedral
Interior,St. Machar's Cathedral
Interior, St. Machar's Cathedral
Stained Glass Window Featuring Saints, St. Machar's Cathedral
12th Century Sanctuary Cross Head, St. Machar's Cathedral
Stained Glass Window in Choir Loft, St. Machar's Cathedral

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