Saints and Stones: St. Just-in-Penwith

St. Just Church is medieval. There are no remains of the early medieval church, and only part of the chancel remains from the church built in 1334. Most of the current building dates from the 15th Century.

Two notable items are in the church interior: the Selus Stone and two wall paintings. The Selus Stone is thought to date from the late 5th or early 6th Centuries. It bears the Latin inscription "Selus Ic Iacet" (Selus lies here). This is thought to refer to Selus, alias for St. Selevan St. Levan) who was St. Just's brother. One medieval wall painting portrays St. George, while the other is a warning to breakers of the Sabbath.

It is probable that the church derives its name from Justus or St. Just, who was sent to England by Pope Gregory in 596 A.D. with St. Augustine and many other monks to convert the Saxons.St. Just was consecrated bishop by St Augustine 604 A.D. In 616 A.D., he was made Archbishop of Canterbury; and died in 627 A.D.

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Journey to St. Just-in-Penwith

St. Just-in-Penwith Church is located in the town of St. Just, which is located on the B3306 between Land's End and St. Ives in the West Penwith area of Cornwall in southwest England.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information for St. Just-in-Penwith Church may be found at the Cornwall Guide website. General Cornwall tourist information may be found at the Visit Cornwall website.

Additional Photos of St. Just-in-Penwith

St. Just-in-Penwith Church (2011)
St. Just-in-Penwith Church Tower (2005)
Ancient Cross in Front of St. Just-in-Penwith Church (2005)
Ancient Cross on Side of St. Just-in-Penwith Church
Sundial Above Entrance to St. Just-in-Penwith Church
Arches in Interior of St. Just-in-Penwith Church
Front of the Selus Stone, St. Just-in-Penwith Church
Back of the Selus Stone, St. Just-in-Penwith Church
Medieval Wall Painting of St. George, St. Just-in-Penwith Church
Medieval Wall Painting, St. Just-in-Penwith Church
Tapestry of St. Just, St. Just-in-Penwith Church

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