Saints and Stones: Monasterboice (Mainistir Bhuithe)

Founded in the late 5th Century by St. Buite, Monasterboice was an early Christian settlement. It was a important centre of religion and learning until founding of nearby Mellifont Abbey in 1142.

Monasterboice is most famous for its well-preserved 10th Century high crosses. Muiredach's Cross is regarded by many as the finest high cross in Ireland. Featuring biblical carvings of both the Old and New Testaments, it is named Muiredach mac Domhnaill, an abbot who died in 923. The site houses two churches built in the 14th century or later and an earlier round tower, built as a refuge for the monks against the Vikings. The monastery was burned in 1079

About Monasterboice

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Megalithic Ireland: Irish High Crosses: Monasterboice Monasterboice High Crosses, Co. Louth
West Side of Muiredach Cross
East Side of the Muiredach Cross
South and North Sides of Muiredach Cross
The West or Tall Cross
The North Cross
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Journey to Monasterboice

Monasterboice is located north of Drogheda off the N1 in County Louth, Ireland.

Map Reference: O044820

Visitors Information

Information on Monasterboice may be found at the website. General tourist information for the area may be found on the County Louth Tourism website and on the County Meath Tourism website.

Additional Photos of Monasterboice

Descriptive Sign at Monasterboice
Descriptive Sign of Muiredachs Cross
Muiredachs Cross, Monasterboice
Muiredachs Cross with Crucifixion Scene, Monasterboice
Muiredachs Cross: Two Kittens and Prayer for Muiredach, Monasterboice
Muiredachs Cross: Fall of Adam and Eve and Death of Abel, Monasterboice
Muiredachs Cross: Two Monsters with Semi-Human Faces, Monasterboice
West Cross and Round Tower, Monasterboice
West Cross and Round Tower, Monasterboice
West Cross and Round Tower, Monasterboice
Close-Up of West Cross, Monasterboice
Sign on Round Tower
Closeup of Round Tower
View of Round Tower from Graveyard
North Church Sign, Monasterboice
Exterior of North Church, Monasterboice
Interior of North Church, Monasterboice
The North Cross, Monasterboice
Close-Up of the North Cross, Monasterboice
Close-Up of Sundial Near the North Cross, Monasterboice
Monastic Wall, Monasterboice

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