Saints and Stones: Melrose (Am Maol Ros)

Melrose Abbey is a Gothic-style abbey in Melrose (Am Maol Ros in Gaelic), Scotland. Founded in 1136 by Cistercian monks at the request of King David I of Scotland, it was built about two miles from from the original monastery at Old Melrose in the 6th Century by St. Aidan and administered by monks from Iona. St. Cuthbert was one of the abbots of the original monastery. The original monastery was destroyed in 839 A.D.

Built in the form of a St. John's cross by monks from Rievaulx Abbey in England, most of the abbey took less than 10 years to complete. A number of Scotland's kings and other royals are buried on the grounds, and a plaque on the grounds marks the spot of the burial of the embalmed heart of Robert the Bruce, a later benefactor. Melrose Abbey became the mother church of the Cistercians in Scotland. In the subsequent years, the abbey was destroyed a number of times.

About Melrose

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Journey to Melrose

Melrose Abbey is located on the A6091 off the A7 or A68 in the town of Melrose in the Scottish Borders region of Scotland.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the Historic Scotland Melrose Abbey website. General tourist information may be found on the Scottish Borders website.

Additional Photos of Melrose

Descriptive Sign at Melrose Abbey
Melrose Abbey from the West
Melrose Abbey Arches
View from South, Melrose Abbey
Presbytery Window, Melrose Abbey
View of Roof, Melrose Abbey
Gargoyle Rain Spout, Melrose Abbey
Interior from Roof, Melrose Abbey
Carving on Melrose Abbey
Sundial on Melrose Abbey
Melrose Abbey Arches

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