Saints and Stones: Lligwy Chapel (Hen Capel Lligwy)

The Lligwy region, near Moelfre, presents an interesting juxtaposition of ruins from three separate eras: a Neolithic burial chamber, a medieval church, and an ancient fortified homestead, last occupied 16 centuries ago.

The 12th Century saw the cessation of Viking raids on Anglesey and, as a result, increasing prosperity and stability. At this time many of the old Celtic churches, originally built with timber, were replaced by stone buildings. Hen Capel Lligwy is one of these. Nothing is known of the history of this church, so we do not know to which saint it was dedicated. The building, now roofless, was originally built in the 12th Century, but the upper parts of the walls were reconstructed in the 14th Century. A small chapel, with a crypt underneath, was added in the 16th Century.

About Lligwy Chapel (Hen Capel Lligwy)

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Journey to Lligwy Chapel (Hen Capel Lligwy)

Lligwy Chapel (Hen Capel Lligwy) is located near the village of near Moelfre on the Isle of Angelsey in Wales.

Ordnance Survey Map (SH499863)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Lligwy Chapel (Hen Capel Lligwy) may be found at the website. General tourist information may be found at the Visit Anglesey website.

Additional Photos of Lligwy Chapel (Hen Capel Lligwy)

Approaching Lligwy Chapel
Lligwy Chapel
Descriptive Sign at Lligwy Chapel
Lligwy Chapel Main Church with Added Small Chapel (right)
Lligwy Chapel Entrance
Opening to Underground Crypt in Small Chapel, Lligwy Chapel
Stairs Leading to Underground Crypt, Lligwy Chapel
Base for Cross in Lligwy Chapel
Overlooking the Irish Sea from Lligwy Chapel

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