Saints and Stones: Kilmartin Church and Graveyard

Although the current Kilmartin Church was built in 1835, it stands on the site of earlier places of worship.

It is best known for its collection of early Christian crosses and graveslabs dating from 1300 to 1700, some of the oldest in Scotland. These used to prop up the churchyard wall but are now mostly sheltered from the elements either inside the church itself or in an enclosed shelter in the graveyard. Most are the work of a group of sculptors working around Loch Awe in the late 14th - 15th centuries near Kilmartin, depicting men with spears, swords, and several claymores.

About Kilmartin Church and Graveyard

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Journey to Kilmartin Church and Graveyard

Kilmartin Church and Graveyard is located next to the Kilmartin House Museum off the A816 in the village of Kilmartin, Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

Ordnance Survey Map (NR834989)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Kilmartin Church may be found at the website. General tourist information for the Kilmartin and mid-Argyll area may be found on the Argyll & The Isles website.

Photo of Kilmartin Church and Graveyard

Descriptive Sign at Kilmartin Church
Crosses on Display Inside Kilmartin Church
Remnants of Cross
14th Century Celtic Cross Stone Inside Kilmartin Church
Historic Scotland Plaque
Graveslabs in Shelter in Cemetary Grounds
Graveslabs in Shelter in Cemetary Grounds
Lintel Over Shelter Entrance
Gravelabs in Cemetary

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