Saints and Stones: Killaloe Cathedral (St. Flannan's Cathedral)

Killaloe Cathedral (known locally as St. Flannan's Cathedral), was built in the early 13th Century and is dedicated to St. Flannan, the first bishop of Killaloe in 639 A.D. Built on the site of an earlier church, it stands near the River Shannon on the southern end of Lough Derg.

It owes its origin to the 6th Century monastic establishment of St. Lua, which first stood on a small island in the Shannon, about a half mile downstream from the Killaloe-Ballina bridge. Later the monks moved to more spacious ground on the mainland. This monastic centre was called Cill Dálua (Killaloe), or the Church of St. Lua.

Killaloe Cathedral contains a number of artifacts, among these a fabulous Romanesque doorway, an ogham stone, a 13th Century water font, and a 12th Century high cross that once stood at Kilfenora. Located on the north side of the Cathedral is the 12th Century St. Flannan's Oratory.

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Journey to Killaloe Cathedral (St. Flannan's Cathedral)

Killaloe Cathedral is located in the River Shannon town of Killaloe on the R463 in County Clare, Ireland. Killaloe is connected to the town of Ballina across the river by a one-way bridge.

Map Reference: R705729

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the town of Killaloe may be found at the website. General tourist information may be found at the Ireland Midwest Online website.

Additional Photos of Killaloe Cathedral (St. Flannan's Cathedral)

Descriptive Sign for Killaloe Cathedral (known locally as St. Flannan's Cathedral)
Killaloe Cathedral (known locally as St. Flannan's Cathedral)
Sign for Romanesque Doorway in Killaloe Cathedral
Upper Portion of Romanesque Doorway
Close-Up of Upper Portion of Romanesque Doorway
Column of Romanesque Doorway
The High Cross in Killaloe Cathedral
The Ogham Stone in Killaloe Cathedral
The Water Font in Killaloe Cathedral
Killaloe Cathedral from Across the River Shannon

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