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Hore Abbey was founded in 1272 by the Archbishop of Cashel on a site previously occupied by a Benedictine community. It was the last Cistercian foundation in Ireland. The Archbishop annexed the Benedictine community to his new abbey so that the Cistercians could benefit from the revenues.

The construction of the stone church was begun almost immediately after the first monks arrived, and the church was completed within two or three decades. The Latin name of the abbey is Rupes, the rock, on account of the abbey's proximity to the Rock of Cashel.

About Hore

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Journey to Hore

Hore Abbey is just west of the town of Cashel at the crossroads of the N8 and N74 in the south of County Tipperary, Ireland.

Map Reference: S069407

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Hore Abbey may be found at the website. General tourist information on Cashel and surrounding areas of south County Tipperary may be found at the Cashel website.

Additional Photos of Hore

Directional Sign for Hore Abbey
Approaching Hore Abbey
Hore Abbey Interior
Column Inside Hore Abbey
Hore Abbey Interior
View of Rock of Cashel from Inside Hore Abbey

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