Saints and Stones: Dysert O'Dea

Dysert O'Dea Church stands on the site of an early Christian monastery founded by St Tola, who died about 735 A.D. However, most of the present buildings -- Dysert O'Dea church and the remains of a round tower -- are from the 12th Century.

St. Tola's Cross is also from the 12th Century. It shows Christ and a bishop carved in high relief on the east side with geometric motifs and animal ornament on the other sides. On the west side of the base is the temptation of Adam and Eve beneath the tree of knowledge. On the north side are several figures holding croziers.

About Dysert O' Dea

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Journey to Dysert O'Dea

Dysert O'Dea is located 5-1/2 miles from Ennis off the R476 (Ennis to Corofin Road) in County Clare, Ireland.

Map Reference: R282848

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the website. and General tourist information may be found at the County Clare Tourism website.

Additional Photos of Dysert O'Dea

Romanesque Doorway, Dysert O'Dea
Close-Up of Doorway, Dysert O'Dea
St. Tola's Cross, Dysert O'Dea
Top of St. Tola's Cross, Dysert O'Dea
Bottom of St. Tola's Cross, Dysert O'Dea
Remains of Round Tower, Dysert O'Dea
Remains of Round Tower and Monastery, Dysert O'Dea
Dysert O' Dea Castle Near Dysert O'Dea

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