Saints and Stones: St. Cybi's Church

In the 6th Century, the old Roman fort in Holyhead was given to St. Cybi who founded a monastery at the site in 540 A.D. Caergybi (or Fort of Cybi) is the Welsh name for Holyhead.

St. Cybi was a first cousin of St. David, the Patron Saint of Wales. St. Cybi came to Anglesey at the end of his life, having preached the gospel throughout Gaul, Cornwall, Devon, South Wales, Aran, Meath, and the Llyn Peninsula. A close friend of St. Seiriol of Penmon, Cybi would meet his friend half way in the middle of Anglesey. St Seriol walking Westwards in the morning and east in the afternoon always had his back to the sun and was known as Seriol the Fair, whilst the suntanned Cybi walking eastwards was known as the Cybi the Tanned.

St. Cybi died in ca. 554-555 A.D. and was buried in Eglwys y Bedd (the Chapel of the Grave) adjoining his monastery at Holyhead. The Church of St. Cybi still stands on the site today, with a small detached chapel over the saint's grave.

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Journey to St. Cybi's Church

St. Cybi's Church is built inside a former Roman Fort in the center of Holyhead, located on Holy Island, Anglesey, in the northwest of Wales.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information for St. Cybi's Church may be found at the website. General tourist information for the area may be found on the Visit Anglesey and Welcome to Holyhead websites.

Additional Photos of St. Cybi's Church

Directional Signs for Roman Fort and St. Cybi's Church in Holyhead
Sign at St. Cybi's Church, Site of 6th Century Monastery
St. Cybi's Church, Site of 6th Century Monastery
West Front of St. Cybi's Church
South Porch (foreground) and Tower, St. Cybi's Church
The Chancel from the Exterior, St. Cybi's Church
Statue of St. Cybi, St. Cybi's Church
Northern Gateway to St. Cybi's Church
Signs for Roman Walls Surrounding St. Cybi's Church
Section of Wall of Roman Fort Surrounding St. Cybi's Church
Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path Sign Near St. Cybi's Church
Sundial on Church Wall, St. Cybi's Church
Eglwys y Bedd, tthe Burial Site of St. Cybi Near St. Cybi's Church

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