Saints and Stones: Crossraguel

In 1215, the Earl of Carrick granted lands to the Cluniac Abbey at Paisley to found a daughter house at Crossraguel. The name of the site came from the Cross of Riaghail, a nearby early Christian cross.

Originally a secondary abbey, Crossraguel's powers increased markedly during the following centuries. Much of the abbey was destroyed during the Wars of Independence with England but later rebuilt. Much of what visitors see dates back to extensive rebuilding that started in the late 1300s and continued through much of the 1400s. With the arrival of the Reformation in 1560, Crossraguel's life as an active religious community came to an end.

About Crossraguel

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Journey to Crossraguel

Crossraguel Abbey is located on the A77 just outside of the town of Maybole in South Ayrshire in southwest Scotland.

Ordnance Survey Map (NS2746708311)

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the Historic Scotland Crossraguel Abbey website. General tourist information is at the Ayrshire & Arran website.

Additional Photos of Crossraguel

Descriptive Sign at Crossraguel Abbey
Choir Wall, Crossraguel Abbey
Choir Wall, Crossraguel Abbey
Nave Arches, Crossraguel Abbey
View of East Range, Crossraguel Abbey
Wall Separating Choir from Nave, Crossraguel Abbey
Tower House, Crossraguel Abbey
Vaulted Ceiling of Sacristy, Crossraguel Abbey
Silhouette of the Gatehouse, Crossraguel Abbey
The Gatehouse, Crossraguel Abbey
View of Abbey from Top of the Gatehouse, Crossraguel Abbey

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