Saints and Stones: Temple Cronan (Teampall Chronain)

Temple Cronan is an early 12th Century monastic site founded by St. Cronan (although which St. Cronan, it is not known). A small, single room oratory, the original entrance was changed whgen it was rebuilt in the 15th-16th Centuries.

It is particularly known for two reasons. Sculptors working in the Romanesque style carved numerous heads of humans and animals onto projecting stone corbels around the walls.

It is also known for the two tomb-shrines -- older than the church itself -- on the east side of the church, boith made of flat limestone slabs pitched tent-like against each other. One of these shrines is known as the grave of St. Cronan.

About Temple Cronan (Teampall Chronain)

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Journey to Temple Cronan (Teampall Chronain)

Temple Cronan is located at the end of a minor road (and across a field) from the village of Carron, which is found on minor roads off the R480 or the R476 in the Burren region of County Clare, Ireland.

Map Reference: M2800

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the website. General tourist information may be found at the County Clare Tourism website.

Additional Photos of Temple Cronan (Teampall Chronain)

Directional Sign for Temple Cronan
Approaching Temple Cronan
Descriptive Sign at Temple Cronan
Temple Cronan
Temple Cronan
Entrance to Temple Cronan
Older Sealed Entrance to Temple Cronan
Human Head on Corbel, Temple Cronan
Animal Head on Corbel, Temple Cronan
Animal Head on Corbel, Temple Cronan
Human Head Above Entrance, Temple Cronan
St. Cronan's Grave Near Temple Cronan
St. Cronan's Grave, Temple Cronan
Interior of St. Cronan's Grave, Temple Cronan
The Other Tomb Near Temple Cronan

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