Saints and Stones: Corcomroe Abbey (Mainistir Chorco Modhruadh)

Corcomroe Abbey (Irish: Mainistir Chorco Modhruadh) is an early 13th-century Cistercian monastery located in the north of the Burren region of County Clare, Ireland, a few miles east of the village of Ballyvaughan. It was once known as "St. Mary of the Fertile Rock", a reference to the Burren's fertile soil. Construction on the abbey most likely began sometime between 1205 and 1210 and used local limestone. The abbey was situated amidst the mountains of the Burren, and its Latin name was inspired by the local environment: ‘Sancta Maria de Petra Fertili’, St. Mary of the fertile rock. The abbey is noted for its detailed carvings and other rich ornamentation, which are not commonly found in structures from this period. It features a typical cruciform church facing east, with a small chapel in each transept. The English Reformation led to the dissolution of Catholic monasteries in England and Ireland. In 1554, the abbey was granted to the Earl of Thomond. The monks continued to tend the fields and maintain the abbey as circumstances allowed, but the political climate led to continued decline. The last abbot, the Reverend John O'Dea, was named in 1628.

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Journey to Corcomroe Abbey (Mainistir Chorco Modhruadh)

Corcomroe Abbey is located Corcomroe is situated in the very north of the Burren, just off the main Galway to Ballyvaughan Road (N67) and south of the village of Bell Harbour in County Clare, Ireland.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the website. General tourist information may be found at the Visit Clare website.

Additional Photos of Corcomroe Abbey (Mainistir Chorco Modhruadh)

Descriptive Sign at Corcomroe Abbey
Corcomroe Abbey
Sign at Corcomroe Abbey
Looking through Nave into the Presbytery, Corcomroe Abbey
Interior of the Nave and West Windows, Corcomroe Abbey
Arch, Corcomroe Abbey
Sedilia in the Presbytery, Corcomroe Abbey
Carving in Wall, Corcomroe Abbey
Tomb Effigy of King Conor O'Brien, Corcomroe Abbey
Columns with Decorated Base, Corcomroe Abbey
Columns with Decorated Capitals, Corcomroe Abbey
Columns with Decorated Capitals, Corcomroe Abbey
Columns with Decorated Capitals, Corcomroe Abbey
Corcomroe Abbey
Corcomroe Abbey from Afar

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