Saints and Stones: St. Brendanís Oratory (Teampaillin Breanainn)

Dingle author Steve MacDonogh describes this site in his book, The Dingle Peninsula, in the section on Kilmalkedar Church: "Another, larger oratory lies in a field above the road about 300 meters to the west. It is surrounded by a modern wall, its rook has fallen in and it is supported internally by a modern arch. It pales by comparison with Gallarus, but it is nevertheless a good example of an oratory and is certainly earlier than Gallarus...Although this oratory and the presbytery beside the church (Kilmalkedar) have been named after St. Brendan, it is almost certain that St. Maolceadair was the principal monk here."

About St. Brendanís Oratory (Teampaillin Breanainn)

Megalithomania: Oratory Near Kilmalkedar
Megalithic Ireland: St. Brendan's Oratory

Journey to St. Brendanís Oratory (Teampaillin Breanainn)

St. Brendanís Oratory is located off the R559 near Kilmalkedar Church on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland.

Ordnance Survey Map (Q39910646 approx.)

Visitors Information

Visitors information and general tourist information may be found at the Dingle Peninsula Tourism website.

Additional Photos of St. Brendanís Oratory (Teampaillin Breanainn)

Path to St. Brendanís Oratory
St. Brendanís Oratory
Entrance to St. Brendanís Oratory
Interior of St. Brendanís Oratory

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