Saints and Stones: Brandon Creek (Cuas an Bhodaigh)

Brandon Creek (Cuas an Bhodaigh) is the place from which, as tradition has it, St. Brendan, together with 14 monks, is said to have set sail in 535 A.D. Legend also has it that they sailed all the way to North America.

The account of the voyage of Brendan, Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis, attained enormous fame in medieval Europe and is one of the classic adventure stories of all time, with rich elements of magic and fantasy. Whether the tale was mainly an imaginative creation or not, its physical details correspond quite well to what would be encountered on a sea route to North America as the modern explorer proved in 1976-77 when he and his crew sailed from Brandon Creek to Newfoundland.

About Brandon Creek (Cuas an Bhodaigh)

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The Brendan Voyage

Journey to Brandon Creek (Cuas an Bhodaigh)

Brandon Creek is located in the far northwest part of the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland.

Map Reference: Q4211 approx.

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the website. General tourist information may be found at the Dingle Peninsula Tourism website.

Additional Photos of Brandon Creek (Cuas an Bhodaigh)

Descriptive Sign at Brandon Creek
Brandon Creek
Front of Commemorative Statue at Brandon Creek
Back of Commemorative Statue at Brandon Creek
Close-Up of Brandon Creek
Mt. Brandon Near Brandon Creek

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