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The Book of Kells, also known as the Book of Columba, is an ornately illustrated manuscript, produced by Celtic monks around 800 A.D.. Different theories have it produced either whole or in part at Iona in Scotland and/or at Kells in Ireland. The name, Book of Kells, is derived from the Abbey of Kells in Kells, County Meath, where it was kept for much of the medieval period.

It is one of the most lavishly illuminated manuscripts to survive the medieval period and has been described as the zenith of Western calligraphy and illumination. It contains the four gospels of the Bible in Latin, along with prefatory and explanatory matter decorated with numerous colourful illustrations and illuminations.

It is on permanent display at the Trinity College Library in Dublin.

About the Book of Kells (Trinity College)

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Journey to the Book of Kells (Trinity College)

The Book of Kells is located in the Old Library in the Library at Trinity College in Dublin.

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Visitorsl Information

Visitor information may be found on the Trinity College Dublin website. General tourist information for Dublin and surrounding area is at the Visit Dublin website.

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Book of Kells Banner, Trinity Library
The Four Evangelists
Incipit to Gospel of John
Incipit to Gospel of Matthew
Eusebian Canon Table
Breves Causae of Luke
Madonna and Child
Chi Rho Monogram

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