Saints and Stones: Aughagower (Achadh Ghobhair)

Aughagower was an important Patrician center, located mid-way along the important pilgrimage route of Tochar Phadraig from Ballintubber Abbey to Croagh Patrick. Founded by St. Patrick who installed St. Senach as Bishop, today there remains scant remnants of the early medieval church. West of the church is the much damaged and repaired 10th Century round tower.

One of the monuments in Aughagower still in existence is the Leaba Phadraig where St. Patrick is reputed to have slept. Pilgrims performed stations between the bed and the nearby holy well, Tobair na nDeachan. Also near the church is Dabach Pahadraig, St. Patrick's Vat, where the saint baptized Aughagower's first Christians.

About Aughagower (Achadh Ghobhair)

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Journey to Aughagower (Achadh Ghobhair)

Aughagower is located four miles southeast of Westport off the R330 in County Mayo in the northwest of Ireland.

Ordnance Survey Map (M034803)

Visitors Information

Visitors and general tourist information for Aughagower may be found at the and the Mayo on the Move websites.

Additional Photos of Aughagower (Achadh Ghobhair)

Road Signs Near Aughagower
Road Sign for Aughagower
Church and Round Tower at Aughagower
Interior of Church at Aughagower
Round Tower at Aughagower
Ground-Level Doorway to Round Tower at Aughagower
Window of Round Tower at Aughagower
Well of the Deacons (Dabach Pahadraig) Sign, Aughagower
Well of the Deacons (Dabach Pahadraig), Aughagower
St. Patrick's Vat (Dabach Pahadraig) Sign, Aughagower
St. Patrick's Vat (Dabach Pahadraig), Aughagower
Round Tower with Croagh Patrick in the Distance

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