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Each month, this website features two journeys to take to explore the Saints and Stones of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. This month features a one-day visit to several of the important Saints Sites of Pembrokeshire, and a one-day visit to Two Megalithic Sites of Oxfordshire.

Books: This website recommends Hidden Histories: A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape by well-known British TV presenter Mary Ann Ochota. Wherever you go in Britain there is history woven into the landscape around you in the shape of a field, the wall of a cottage, a standing stone or churchyard, even in the grass under your feet. And there are literally thousands of sites scattered across the country that do not have tickets and tour guides, but are waiting to reveal their secrets. This book arms the explorer with the crucial information needed to "read" the landscape and spot the human activities that have shaped Britain. Helpful photographs and diagrams point out specific details and typical examples to help you understand what you are looking at, or looking for. A very interesting and useful book.

Publications: Archaeology Ireland, which is published quarterly, provides the reader with a constant stream of articles, news and features, covering many areas in archaeology including science, art, architecture, history, geography, economics, sociology, anthropology, religion and more on the Emerald Isle. Both print and digital subscriptions are available. Each issue carries a detailed heritage guide of a major Irish archeological site, free to subscribers only.

Websites and Blogs: Sli Cholmcille: St. Columba's Trail. Sli means "way," and Sli Cholmcille explores the language and heritage of Ireland and Scotland through the life of Colmcille or St. Columba. It is a trail of many sites associated with the saint and his followers, linking Gaelic-speaking communities in the two countries. The website is a project developed by Colmcille, an initiative named after the saint. It was set up in 1997, a year which saw commemorations of the 1400th anniversary of the death of St Columba. In addition, the project is currently celebrating Colmcille1500, the life and legacy of St. Columba 1500 years from his birth. The 7th of December is the traditional birthday of the saint, and the commemoration opened officially on the 7th December 2020 and extends with events and celebrations throughout 2021.

Podcasts: Just off the British coast is a sunken world that was once the hub of mesolithic Europe.The first podcast this website recommends for April comes from British TV prresenter Dan Snow's History Hit podcast and is entitled The Lost World of Doggerland. Professor Simon Fitch, a specialist in Archaeological Sciences, joins Snow for this podcast. The second recommended podcast is from History Extra. Hear author Max Adams discussing his book The First Kingdom, Britain in the Age of Arthur, which pieces together the evidence to uncover what happened after the fall of Roman Britain in the podcast The Dark Ages: A "Black Hole" in Britain's History.

Organizations: The British Archaeological Association was founded in 1843 for the study of archaeology, art, and architecture, and to promote the preservation of historic monuments and antiquities. It exists to enhance understanding of the material culture of Europe and the Mediterranean, especially in Britain. An example of its work is the recent conference co-sponsored with English Heritage and held in January 2021 that focused on Aelred, Abbot of Rievaulx Abbey between 1147 and 1167 A.D.

Videos: The recently released Netflix film The Dig tells the story of the the events of the 1939 excavation at Sutton Hoo, an Anglo-Saxon burial ground in Suffolk that unearthed a ship buried with a wealth of artefacts. Some have called it "the greatest treasure ever discovered in the UK." The National Trust of the UK has released a short video, Unearth the Real Story of Sutton Hoo, that goes behind the scenes. Lastly, the Time Team youtube website has an interview with Author John Preston, whose book the film was based upon. As this website has pointed out in previous homepages, to make youtube videos more enjoyable and eliminate the bothersome ads that pop up at the worst times, go to the website, where you simply add the youtube URL of the site you are watching and can watch the programs without interruptions.

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