Saints and Stones: Pobull Fhinn

Situated on the southwest side of a hill -- Beinn Langais, Pobull Fhinn stands on an artificial, fairly flat platform with portalled entrances on two of its sides. A large circle measuring roughly 125 x 92 feet, it consists of 40 or so stones. Only about half are standing. The tallest stone is a little over six feet.

A truly marvelous setting, it overlooks Loch Langais and a number of other lochs. The highest mountain on North Uist, Ben Eval, is in the distance.

About Pobull Fhinn

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Journey to Pobull Fhinn

The Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle is located on the side of a hill, Beinn Langais, southwest of Lochmaddy on No. Uist, Western Isles, Scotland. From the A867, take the Langass Lodge road to the end, park, and walk to the stone circle, which is situated above Loch Langais.

Ordnance Survey Map (NF84286502)

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be obtained from local sources, one being the Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Arts Centre in Lochmaddy, the main town on No. Uist. General tourist information may be found at the Outer Hebrides website.

Additional Photos of Pobull Fhinn

Road Sign for Pobull Fhinn
Upright and Flat Stones, Pobull Fhinn
Individual Stones, Pobull Fhinn
Split Stone, Pobull Fhinn
Tallest Stone (right) Near Portalled Entrance, Pobull Fhinn
Close-Up of Tallest Stone, Pobull Fhinn
View of Pobull Fhinn from the Side of Beinn Langais

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